Sidewalks and windows was started and created by a 25 year union trained window cleaner who saw that there was a sorely needed need for small and medium size businesses to receive the same attention that larger businesses received. So he created SIDEWALKS AND WINDOWS to address this need.  As a small business we realize how important first impressions make and we will assure you that you SIDEWALKS AND WINDOWS ARE PRISTINE and truly represent you and your company. What is the first thing a potential customer sees when they approach your business? Your SIDEWALKS AND WINDOWS!! This is where we step in we make sure your the exterior of your business is clean and inviting not dirty and a turnoff.

We are a family owned business that really cares about our customers and we strive to do EVERY JOB TO OUR AND YOUR YOUR STANDARDS! We are all BASMA CERTIFIED,INSURED, DEPENDABLE AND WELL TRAINED. We love the BAY AREA and want to do our part in keeping it beautiful one business at a time! " Let us make your business our business". You NEVER GET A SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION! Well allow us to make your  first impression count and leave a positive CLEAN and MEMORABLE IMPRESSION THAT THEY WILL SURELY NEVER FORGET!

We remove gum,spills grime and foot traffic from sidewalks as well as fingerprints and whatever might be on your windows to make sure that you business stands out from the rest! We all know as small business owners that we need EVERY ADDED ADVANTAGE WE CAN UTILIZE TO ATTRACT AND RETAIN NEW AND CURRENT CUSTOMERS.  This is a one way you do this at a nominal cost and instant you get gratification. Clean SIDEWALKS AND WINDOWS attract new customers and make old customers notice that you're making a concerted effort to make their shopping experience more pleasurable.

  Our experience is that most of our  clients have had a pressure washing company come and clean the concrete sidewalks and leave the tenants to clean their windows afterwords. At a low cost we offer our window cleaning services immediately following the sidewalk/curbing cleaning. This alleviates the tenants from having to finish the month out with dirty windows until their window cleaner comes to clean the windows. We offer overnight cleaning so we do not disturb the customer traffic shopping at your tenants space during business hours. We come back the next morning to clean the windows leaving your shopping center All Clear with minimal disturbance. Call us today to provide you an a monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or custom maintenance schedule for your business